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ここでは、フォトウォークのアウトプットである「Snapshot Diary」や、日々の生活自体のスナップショットである「ShortLog」で載せた写真、ブログやSNSに上げていない個人的なストック写真の中から、自分の中で偶然と必然の結晶が大きかった写真を再掲載していこうと思います。




*This text was created by machine translation.

I think of snapshot photography as “the crystallization of chance and necessity”.

The “chance” of encountering a scene that I want to capture while walking. The “chance” of things that are always moving, such as people, cars, and clouds, fitting into the frame at that moment.

The “necessity” of the result that I aimed for, thinking that it would be interesting (or satisfying to my senses) to cut out the scene in this way. The “necessity” of the result that I aimed for, thinking that it would create a certain atmosphere with this color and texture.

In this “Photo Gallery,” I will re-post the photos that resonate with me from my “Snapshot Diary,” which is the output of Photowalk, my “ShortLog,” which is a snapshot of my daily life, and my personal stock photos that I have not posted on my blog or SNS.

Along with the reposting, I will re-develop the photos that I took with my recent camera in high resolution (usually up to 2000px for SNS), and reconsider the color and atmosphere.

These are photos taken and developed by amateurs who are not photographers, much less artists, but rather camera enthusiasts. However, I hope that they will have some kind of impact on the hearts of those who view them.

March 10, 2024


Date : 2024.03.08
Location : 福岡空港 / Fukuoka airport (FUK) , FUKUOKA

red bus

Date : 2024.02.10
Location : 丸の内(日比谷通り) / Marunouchi , TOKYO
Camera : sony A7CR

M.M. ( Monochrome Minato-mirai )

Date : 2024.02.24
Location : みなとみらい / Minatomirai , YOKOHAMA
Camera : sony A7CR

nobody in airport

Date : 2024.03.08
Location : 羽田空港 / Haneda airport (HND) , TOKYO
Camera : apple iPhoneSE(3rd) / Lightroom camera

autumn yellow / TOKYO Street

Date : 2023.12.02
Location : 丸の内 / Marunouchi , TOKYO
Camera : Fuji X70